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Family Alumni Network

Welcome to the Banana Slug Family! You and your student have made the right choice. This is an exciting time for both of you. Your student is joining inspiring leaders, makers, artists, and scientists. From the halls of campus, to the halls of Congress. From the depths of the marine trench, to far off places in space. From Oscars and Pulitzers, our alumni make our world a better place. Your student's time at UC Santa Cruz will deeply impact the way that they think. We know that when they leave the redwoods that they will leave their mark on the world because of their experiences here.

We can't wait to welcome your students to their new home, UC Santa Cruz, where more than 140,000 alumni are eager to help them, both as students and beyond. Becoming a Slug means a lifetime of career support, social networking, regional alumni programs, and lectures and webinars. From wherever they are, we hope you'll encourage your students to seek out alumni mentors that will lead to lasting friendships and fulfilling careers. The benefits of a UC Santa Cruz education extend far beyond graduation.

I graduated from UCSC in 2018 and I can attest to the life-changing education that UC Santa Cruz offers. We encourage your students not to wait until they've graduated to connect with an alumni or a mentor. Now is the time to take advantage of all the resources and tools that UCSC has to offer. Alumni are here to offer internships, career advice, and a variety of resources and tools. So, I hope you encourage your student to start building their mentor relationships early on. I am honored to be a part of the Alumni Network that is here to help your student write their story and achieve their goals.

Your student joined the UC Santa Cruz Alumni Network the moment they said yes to choosing UCSC. The Alumni Network offers a web of resources, talents, passions, and expertise, all here for students and alumni to lean on and to learn from each other for their educational and professional success. Alumni volunteer their time to help students and other alumni succeed to build a community of support. You're part of the Banana Slug Family too. 

Visit the campus website and keep up with the latest accomplishments of faculty, students, and alumni. Watch the calendar for virtual and in-person lectures and performances. Please consider giving and supporting to your Slug's favorite programs through Giving Day and other volunteer opportunities. Alumni Slugs are here to help student Slugs. We're all here to help each other out!


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