Policies at UCSC

Academic Misconduct Policy

The cornerstone of intellectual life at UC Santa Cruz is a commitment to integrity in all forms of teaching, learning, and research. Misconduct violates the standards of our community and is punishable by warning, suspension, dismissal, or revocation of a degree.

This Academic Misconduct Policy states campus policy concerning academic misconduct by undergraduates and describes the process that will be followed once an instructor or teaching assistant suspects that misconduct has occurred. All students who are charged with misconduct will be invited to discuss the matter with their instructors and with the Provost of the colleges with which they are affiliated. They are also entitled to bring their cases to the Academic Tribunal. Learn more at https://ue.ucsc.edu/academic-misconduct.html.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

UCSC expects all persons in university-affiliated areas to comply with federal, state, and local regulations regarding drug and alcohol policies. If a person who is 21 or over plans to consume alcoholic beverages while on campus, they must do so within the privacy of their assigned residences and in accordance with their residential regulations. Any person not acting in accordance with university policy will be subject to disciplinary procedures. To learn more please visit the Alcohol and Drug Policies and Laws page and read through Appendix D.

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