Advice from UCSC Families

  • “Be there to listen to your student, but don’t intrude too much”- Jon, family member of third year Cowell student
  • “I’d encourage people to visit the campus earlier [than move-in] because it’s such a huge campus. Things are really spread out so I think just getting that adjustment can be really eye opening for the student, as well as the family.” - Joan and David, family members of fourth year Oakes student
  • “Be sure to check everything online, talk to as many people as you can, see if you can find any parents whose children have gone here prior; try to get as much information as you can.” - Polly, family member of fourth year Rachel Carson student
  • “Stress for the students to check the website and their email to see what they need to bring and what they don’t need to bring.” - Terry, family member of second year Porter student
  • “There was a lot of useful information on campus transportation. They had all the transportation options, including late night transportation, if needed. Food plans were really helpful and online housing on what to bring. Parents should take advantage of the resources that are there, not only to go online, but come to orientation and go to all the sessions. A lot of parents try to make a lot of decisions for their students... they’re adults, let them figure it out.” - Janie, family member of second year Porter student
  • “Make sure you understand the three main parts of having a child in college. One is the financial aid situation, two is residency questions and status, and three is how much money it’s going to take to get your child through the first year. Those are the three biggies.” - Joseph, family member of second year Cowell student
  • “Don’t miss the orientation!” - Victor, family member of second year Stevenson student
  • “Find out as much as you can, read the resources. Go through all the information. Look through all those papers you got, especially before you get here [in fall].” - Kelly, family member of second year Cowell student
  • “Relax! This University takes care of the students.” - Amy, family member of fourth year Crown student
  • “Attend all that is offered to you and read as much as you can off of the website.” - Erin, family member of second year Crown student
  • “Don’t hover. Let them make their
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