First 6 Weeks

Transitioning to a research university can be one of the biggest challenges a student has ever dealt with. Here is what to expect in the first 6 weeks:

  • Students will be adjusting to a new environment
  • Making new friends
  • Adjusting to college-level coursework
  • Finding their place on campus through involvement with clubs, organizations and jobs
  • Student may not have time to communicate as frequently as before
  • Roommate issues are very common, tell your student to communicate immediately with their residential staff as issues arise
  • Completing a roommate agreement is a first great step to learning to live with someone else

To assist them in this time of change, you may want to:

  • Encourage them to speak with their college residential staff
  • Encourage them to attend tutoring sessions starting the first week. Tutoring is for everyone!
  • Tell them to join a club, student organization or student government (get involved)
  • Set up a communication plan with your student (when and how are you going to connect)
  • Tell your student to study 10 hours of work a week per class

The quarter system goes by very fast and students will be busy, so time management is important. View the links below for additional resources on supporting your student from a distance.

When to visit

If you are thinking of visiting them, consider that during the first 6 weeks students are expected to be on campus (attending mandatory programs, adjusting to college work, attending class, etc.). During winter quarter we will hold Family Days. Visit the Family Days page to get more information.