Alumni Engagement

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UCSC Santa Cruz Alumni

Welcome to UC Santa Cruz! We're thrilled that you’re joining our community of over 150,000 Banana Slugs worldwide. Our alumni are proof of the incredible opportunities that await you - they’re publishing leading research, supporting their communities in exceptional ways, and reaching remarkable achievements across fields.

Being an alumnus of UC Santa Cruz means more than just earning a degree. You're part of a community that values diversity, fosters creativity, and believes in the power of positive change. At UC Santa Cruz, you will connect with a network of peers who, like you, are destined to leave their mark on the world. This community, OUR community, will be with you forever.

So, where do you begin?

Explore the Alumni website to discover ways to stay connected with UC Santa Cruz, both as a student and beyond. Browse our stories highlighting remarkable alumni or read UCSC’s annual report “Life Beyond the Redwoods” for insights into our graduates’ accomplishments one year after leaving campus. Discover the diverse paths our alumni pursue and get inspired for your own journey ahead.

Network with alumni! From your college to your academic division, the staff and faculty across campus plan hundreds of opportunities for you to meet alumni. Watch your email and check the campus bulletin boards to take advantage of those programs. You never know who you might meet!.

You became a part of the UC Santa Cruz alumni network the moment you said yes to choosing UCSC. The education and experiences you gain here will shape who you become, and as you step beyond the redwoods, we're confident that you will make an impact.

While you’re only a student for a few years, you are now a Banana Slug for life.

For questions about how you can get involved with the Alumni Office or other inquiries, email